Saturday, May 2, 2020

*M* is for *MAGIC ► Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers

Good morning, my friends,

this is our new challenge at our Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers Blog. 

*M* is for *MAGIC

I must say that I hadn't created anything until yesterday, my head was empty.

Then something happened and suddenly I was full of spirits. 

Some ratbags on FaceBook gave me a hard time and I had some "clean up" to do. This felt SO good, let me tell you!

Some close ups for you .....

This is the awesome moodboard our Sistah Lee has provided:

Have a wonderful weekend, happy crafting and stay safe ♥



  1. This is AWESOME, sorry to hear about your FB troubles I know I had to block someone one day. I think the social distancing has hit some of the azzes hard. What a fab. job on this the image is great and the inky background is super.

  2. Way to take an unpleasant situation and turn it into a snarky work of art! Sorry you had to experience it. Unfortunately, the trolls are out in abundance since this all started.

  3. We all have to do that 'clean up' sometimes, Majo! Well done you for being strong enough. This is fab, Jo x

  4. I love how she has the perfect "poof, and they are gone!!!" look - love this, Majo! Glad you gave a few nasty people the boot.

  5. LOVE your piece and the sentiment is so true!! ""POOF"... they are gone!!! We all need to do that sometimes! ((HUGS)) Helen

  6. WHO the F gave you a hard time???
    Lemme know and I will give them a well deserved ass kickin!
    Canadians are not as nice as we are made out to be, not when it comes to our sistahs!
    Glad you are rid of them...AND I love the project :D

  7. Ain't nobody got time for that! Sounds like they did you a favor....and gave you a great idea for our challenge. LOL!