Monday, May 25, 2015

Today I choose to be happy ....

It's been quite a battle lately, but I will not let the situation put me down (too often).

Today I played with my Rubber Dance Stamps and found one that at least cheered up hubby when he saw my creation.

... and the other sides ....

Yes, I think I will make this a happy day, no matter what :)


  1. You made me happy to see the great block you made Majo. I hope things get better for you soon- good attitude!

  2. Love it Majo. Hope it works it's magic every time you look at it x.

  3. Beautiful ATB, Majo! I am happy tio see that you can create such pretty things even when you are not feeling well ... I hope the box will be a reminder of how beautiful YOU are and that happiness can be found when creating pretties like this :-) Stay strong with the right attitude! *hugs*

  4. Das ist die richtige Einstellung! Ich denke an Dich und schicke Dir positive Energie. Die Schachtel ist ganz bezaubernd, liebe Majo.
    LG Martina