Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doll dresses for Stampers' Sampler

I received my copy of the latest issue of the Stampers' Sampler yesterday and I stopped breathing for a moment. 

Not only had they published THREE, yes you got that right, 3 of my entries, but one on the most popular spots on the page .......

I am so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend just as I will ;) 
This just made my day and some more to come :)


  1. No wonder you're so excited Majo! Deservedly so! Deine Kleider sehen ja auch Spitze aus!! LG, Ira

  2. Congratulations on having all 3 published - not surprised as they are so lovely.. Gill x

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch liebe Majo! Du hast es wirklich verdient, die Kleidchen sind ja so entzückend!
    LG Martina

  4. die sind hübsch! Heute is MOO angesagt!
    auf eine nächste schöne FORTNIGHT!

    lg Susi