Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The lantern and how to make one ...

..... or rather don't!

This is my lantern right after I finished it. 

I proudly put it on the mantelpiece!

A few hours later DH comes home and asks me if I had done it on purpose !?!?!?!? 

I didn't get it. 

He said it was beautiful the way it turned out, all crooked and bent just like the Haunted House in a film he had seen a long time ago. I about fell off my chair when I turned and looked .....

What we learned today?
Do not use cardstock to create a lantern, always use sturdy chip board!!

I personally think it was cast by a bad spell from the very beginning. I ordered the die, they didn't deliver, so I got it at another place and it took forever.


  1. Deine Laterne sieht absolut genial aus. Wunderschön Majo!

  2. Toller Post Majo! Finde die Laterne etwas ganz besonderes; egal ob das Papier sich da etwas krumm gezogen hat, du hast deine Laterne auf jeden Fall selber gemacht ;-) LG, Ira

  3. :D Also ganz gerade Kanten würden doch gar nicht zum Motiv passen! Oder?
    Mir gefällt es super!
    LG Martina