Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lotte ...

Bad news!

We will not be able to keep Lotte with us. Emma and Cookie have changed so much in their attitudes
towards us that we decided to give her back. This is so hard on me, she's such a lovely little thing, but
what we have built with the other two over the past 8 years is so valuable, we don't want to miss it.

Cookie strays a lot now, she won't come home until very late at night. She has NEVER been outside
at night before. Emma doesn't want to be petted any longer, she is very sulky.

It was my wish for many years to have a little "red girl", it didn't work and I'm a bit devastated now.

Lotte will be picked up on either Friday night or early Saturday :(


  1. Das ist ja schade aber vielleicht besser so liebe Majo. Sie kommt doch bestimmt in *gute Hände*.

  2. Ach du lieber, das tut mir aber leit, wußte ja wie lieb du die kleine Lotte schon hast... Wirklich schade... LG, Ira

  3. Das ist schade, liebe Majo. Drück Dich.
    LG Martina