Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 14 - Sketch-A-Thon

A layout about something or someone I love. Well, I love tulips!

In a manner I hadn't practiced for a long time: CAS

No, this is not the tulip. It's a flower I just made today. It is canvas, cut, stamped, then crumpled so the back comes off. This way it looks quite distressed.

This is my creation, I still have 4 more to go!


  1. Die Blume ist ja der Hammer Majo!! Wirklich erstaunlich!! Gute Farbkombination hast du verwendet für dein LO, LG, Ira

  2. Beautiful Lo and you can never go wrong with tulips :) Your handmade flower is perfect and it looks stunning on this LO. great job!