Sunday, November 21, 2010


I was searching for chalkpencils for quite some time now. I found some from Cretacolor for a reasonable price but I would have had to take the whole lot of 36 pencils, approx. 10 colours I wouldn't  have any use for.

Since DH didn't have a present for my upcoming Birthday yet, we decided to shop yesterday and now look what I found.

A shop where I could get any colour out of a range of 60 and really buy only the colours I like and need.

I chose 25 of my favorites and now DH is kind of sad, as there is still no present for me, (I just bet there is something up his sleeve) at least not a surprise one, because I used the new goodies right away and I am so happy now. From now on even the tiniest little images can be coloured with chalk ... yummy!

Yep, that was a great deal!

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