Wednesday, June 20, 2012

*P* is for punches

I was struggling to get those as I'm usually not willing to pay almost 90,00€ for jeans that aren't even long enough to reach my shoes, but then ..... well, you girls know how it is .....


I closed my eyes last Saturday, took out my credit card and never even thought about money ....


  1. Hast du ja aber gut gemacht Majo, man muß sich selbst mal gut verwöhnen, oder? Dein LO ist Klasse! LG, Ira x

  2. good for you the money would have been gone and you wouldn't have known where it went. now you have jeans to show for it

  3. Manche Dinge müssen einfach sein, da hast Du ganz recht! Gutsitzende Jeans sind ohnehin unbezahlbar, da bist Du doch mit 90 EUR noch gut weggekommen ;-)
    LG Martina

  4. Sometimes we have to spoil outrselves a bit. I have MAC jeans too; perfect fit but a bit expensive...But worth every € :)...Love a card like this!

  5. das lo ist suuperklasse majo,gefällt mir sehr gut.

    lg jeannette