Thursday, January 21, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 ♥

I was so glad it finally started again and was in pure horror when I saw the technique. 

I had tried the Chalkboard technique in 2013 and failed so badly.

 I talked to Tim about it when I met him at the fair in Frankfurt. He had that mischievous smile that told me he knew what he was doing to us crafters. Well, he didn't have a heat gun, so je just explained it in words. 

This time I thought I was all set, MISTAKE: I failed again. I just don't get to the point where the embossing powder is still matte, it turned shiny too quickly for me. Well, after a few tries I just embossed my image in White :) Cheating!!


  1. Love this tag, Majo!! The white embossing looks fantastic. The silver embossed background is a good compliment to the chalkboard.

  2. Die Hauptsache ist doch: es sieht klasse aus! Wie Du zu diesem Ergebnis gekommen bist ist doch vollkommen zweitrangig.
    LG Martina