Friday, July 23, 2010

Challenge at ATC Quarterly

From 'Outer Space' is the theme at ATC Quarterly ... this is my card

This is an explanation for my US-Friends:

In 1959 the ‘Sandmännchen’, the little guy on my card, was first seen on Television. It translates ‘Little Sandman’, he was coming from ‘Outer Space’ to tell kids all over Germany a bedtime story. At the end he poured sand/stars in the childrens eyes and told them ‘Good night’.

Sand in the eyes was supposed to make them sleepy, and they started rubbing their eyes. They really did, well I did ;)

All over Germany, when kids were asked about their bedtime, they never told the time or the hour, but replied: “Immediately after Sandmännchen!”

I grew up with that little guy and I can still hear the melody on Television when I look at him now.

I hope you like it.

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